Introducing Flubber for Ultra-strong Nails

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

OK ladies, we know that when there's a global pandemic we immediately fear for our jobs, seeing our loved ones and - our nail maintenance!

Always exploring ways that we can offer the very best in beauty treatments, Serene Beauty & Spa Treatments have discovered the holy grail of nail treatments.

Flubber for Strong Long Lasting Nails

Fluid Rubber is an extremely strong base coat and builder in one.

Originally designed for use with iLac in order to offer the ultimate in chip prevention and adhesion it can also be used to extend the nail length.

Fluid Rubber aka ‘Flubber’ is UV (2 Minutes) & LED (INK Lamp 30 seconds) Curable. If applying in thick layers or to extend the nail a 60 second LED cure time is recommended…UV maintains the 2 minute cure for all services.

How does Flubber differ from INK´s other 2 base coats?

The original Hybrid Base Coat is designed for use in a thin layer and offers unrivalled removal properties (with world record speed)….Base Elevation works in a similar way to Hybrid Base Coat but due to its high viscosity it enables you to add shape (raise the nail bed) and definition to the nail.

Flubber offers maximum strength and of course the ability to build short extensions – Her rubber like texture aids in the absorption of shocks and knocks keeping your nails completely chip FREE!


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